ANZUK March 2020.

Positive Classroom Management- a solution starting point for positive behaviour

Thank you ‎Michelle Kosanovic‎ for your terrific feedback and participation today!

So grateful for attending PD session on Classroom Management today with Jenny Levitan from Stride Behaviour. Refreshing to learn and be involved in your session. Great value and resources recommended.
Very enjoyable and inspiring. Thank you for the motivation and array of strategies and resources to read online and use in the classroom.

Moreland, Inner North, Northcote and Yarra (MINY) Education Support ConferenceHealesville RACV, August 2019

Presenting Promoting Positive Behaviour for education support staff 


Monash Uni Clayton Professional Development, May 2019

Understanding and Positively Managing Challenging Behaviour

Adass Israel School May 2019

The STRIDE PD which I attended at our school was outstanding! Jenny has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and she is both engaging and articulate. She suggested practical and relevant classroom strategies to promote positive behaviours. Thanks Jenny (Joanne Hirschman)

Promoting Positive Behaviour @ Ilim College, April 2019
'We benefited a great deal from your workshop. An amazing experiencing!'
Nishana Azadzoi
Curriculum Coordinator
Ilim College Doveton


March 2019 Monash University

Presented 'Promoting Positive Behaviour' to a group of visiting Indonesian school principals and supervisors - great when best practice is shared nationally and globally!


ANZUK- repeated PD throughout 2019


2017 and  2018 St Jude's Langwarrin

'STRIDE has been an excellent support for our school community. 
Jenny Levitan has been excellent. She has assisted with support for student behaviour and encouragement for staff to meet their personal goals
Annette Vine
Acting Principal
St Jude's Parish Primary School

August 2018

Critical Agenda's

Monash Uni


Monash University Clayton, 23 July 2018

Professional Development tailored and delivered for a group of visiting Saudi Arabian special education teachers, educational supervisors and leaders.

Fantastic global collaborative practice!


ANZUK - Understanding and Promoting Positive Behaviour, 17 July 2018

'Jenny is amazing.The mentor I have been looking for as a parent and as a teacher'- Brin Nadler


12 June 18

April/May 2018 - Monash University Professional Development Programs.
Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour
La Trobe University,The Confucius Institute
February 2018
ABC of behaviour (antecedent-behaviour-consequence), positive classroom management practices (PBIS Tier 1)
2017 and 2018 - Various Schools, one on one teacher and student support. Due to privacy, names of schools are not listed but are available on request, with the school's consent.
FBA and Positive Behavioural Support Plans developed
Monash University
September 2017
Tailored Professional Learning to a select group of visiting Indonesian Principals, Supervisors and Education Directors.
Focus on PBIS, AITSL and functions of behaviour

I thought this was a fabulous course. Jenny is a highly competent presenter with a wealth of practical experience who was engaging, inclusive and able to give relevant worked examples of how to deal with challenging behaviours. 

The most value is real life experiences and the opportunity to discuss student experiences and then resolve using Jenny’s knowledge and experience. An excellent presenter. 

The course has given explanations that make a lot of sense in terms on WHY challenging behaviours occur. The strategies recommended were extremely useful. 

Camberwell Primary School
August 2017

Thumbs up to Camberwell Primary School for your energy, positivity and commitment to positive, proactive behavioural practices. Great day of Professional Learning 😀

'Very inspiring'- Heather Hunt
'Many practical examples made the presentation very engaging. Related to the work we do on Growth Mindset'- Caroline Eysseric
'I found the examples of strategies suggested to real life situations extremely helpful'- Diana Fatouros
'I found this PD very helpful as I'm still learning how to manage behaviours'- Sarah

Monash University 

July 2017 

Tailored Professional Development to a visiting cohort of teachers, principals and supervisors, from Saudi Arabia

I see Red

July, August, November 2017 and ongoing throughout 2018

Professional Development that focused on ANGER within the classroom/playground.


Included common triggers of anger in students.The anger de- escalation cycle, with suggested interventions and safety plans, 

positive self regulation (calming) strategies, suggested resources and quick redirect techniques,included.

 'Extremely relevant and very practical for implementing in the classroom. Excellent presentation with wonderful notes demonstrating thorough expounding of the topic'- Dorothy Chakravortty, 27/11/17


May and July 2017 

'In just under 2 hours, I am feeling a lot more confident about taking my classes tomorrow' Ruby Bulach

'Excellent knowledge and understanding of the entire behaviour spectrum' Nelia

'Great delivery style and extremely relevant, great ability to answer questions, suggest tips and explain strategies' Elonie Cseszko

'Liked her energy' Jacqui

My Diffibility  

May 2017 

STRIDE is a positive behaviour management support that is changing young people, families and schools! We had to share the amazing work being done here and highly recommend it for any schools or teachers needing additional support and strategies.

St Joseph's Springvale 

April 2017   

We  have used Jenny and her skills at St Joseph’s School. She is very knowledgable in her field, and so caring of families. I found her approachable and very hands on.  The teachers and LSOs who worked with her, were full of praise. Bernadine Russell, Learning Diversity Leader, St Joseph’s Springvale

Monash University Clayton

May 2017  

Understanding and Positively Managing Challenging Behaviour (delivered over 6 weeks)


Click Here to learn more

St Thomas the Apostle Greensborough 
March 17 2017

Jenny is a passionate educator with high order skills in supporting children with special needs. Her professional support of St Thomas was exemplary. Her specialised skills are so needed in our schools today. I am grateful for Jenny's ongoing professional consultation in the life of St Thomas the Apostle.'

From Gail Smith. Principal


February 2017

Enjoyed sharing evidence based, positive and sustainable behaviour management strategies with a terrific group of teachers! I was especially pleased when Karina approached me afterwards to say that what she had learnt from the session, completely changed the kind of teacher she would now become.


'I am taking away a change in my thinking. I feel much more capable'
Emily Chambers


'Detailed, useful, practical, inspiring, well presented' Marnie

'Great, immediately implementable strategies' Tessa


'Great, positive delivery with an astounding wealth of knowledge' Stallone Liak

'Having a child with ASD and behavioural challenges, I still learnt a few extra tips and ideas!' Brooke


'Word choices for in-the-moment management' Emily Z

'I feel better equipped to support students with challenging behaviour. I left with so much more knowledge' Jess


'Appreciate that Jenny was happy to discuss opposing views' Ryan Giustino


January 2017

Another STRIDE Behaviour collaborative and beneficial day of professional learning, this time at Yeshiva College. Thank you to the very engaged and committed staff for such a terrific, interactive experience.

'Most helpful were all the practical ideas that can be implemented easily and immediately'

Naomi Alter

'Very knowledgable, engaging, confident, reassuring'

Tal Slome

Extensive presentation, well planned, very approachable and knowledgable'

L LeBransky

'Excellent presentation with easily adaptable ideas. Very user friendly, practical language'

Elana Serry

'Loved the practical examples and the motivation to work as a team'

Lauren Loven

'Excellent and engaging. Managed the staff, with different backgrounds, agendas and ages, extremely well'

Rabbi Wernick


November 2016

Thank you to the great ANZUK audience that attended PD on 'Understanding and Positively Managing Challenging Behaviour'

'This was spectacular and provided detailed information about behaviour support'
Belinda O'Brian

'Very insightful.I can definitely say that I learnt new content that I can apply to future classrooms'

'Great presentation about creating a positive and inclusive classroom'
Lucy Li

'Informative, helpful, knowledgeable. Great ideas to incorporate in the classroom'
Fusun Yemez

'Jenny was very engaging and her sense of humour has made the PD more interesting and engaging'

'Relevant, helpful and gave me more confidence in approaching challenging behaviours'
Deborah Dickson

'A very enjoyable presentation with a main focus on primary teaching and plenty of strategies'
Paul Pearson

'Excellent Excellent Excellent'

Chrishna C


November 2016

Thank you to all the committed and passionate staff at Bonbeach PrimarY

'The strategies were practical and the emphasis on positivity was really thought provoking. It was an incredibly practical, relevant presentation'
Ken Jones - Principal

'Presenter full of knowledge.Presented it in a way that it can be put into place. Loved it!'
Sharon King

'Jenny was interesting, engaging, animated, moved around the room, easy to listen to. So glad we came'

Berny King, Sue Lenthall and Jan Edwards

'Wonderful, interactive, liked that Jenny used humour, practical tips'
Jo Harris


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